The Airflow Calculator

Website Based Facility Calculating EN10256-2:2000 Requirements.

The Air Flow Calculator - Drainage Venting SystemsDo you use the Studor Airflow Calculator?

This is a simple step-by-step formula that assists with the calculations of airflow and waste water flow when designing a drainage system.

The Airflow Calculator provides a calculation based on European Standard EN 12056 – 2:2000 – Gravity Drainage System inside Buildings. This standard helps to ensure that the system you design will perform correctly for buildings up to ten floors.

By simply entering the system type, which is preferable to your drainage requirement, along with frequency factors and the number of appliances, the Excel spreadsheet based system will provide the relevant calculation in litres per second. In addition to the number of Studor AAVs required, the calculator will also advise the diameter of pipe needed based on their loading capacity.



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