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The Studor Single Pipe System (SSPS)

The Complete Solution for Any Drainage System

The SSPS represents a complete and unique drainage system solution for high rise installations. The P.A.P.A. is an integral part of the SSPS and is installed strictly only in conjunction with other Studor products.

By utilising the different elements of the Studor range together you are guaranteeing the most efficient set-up of any given multi-storey drainage system, eliminating any water trap loss due to pressure fluctuations. This innovative solution constantly operates in order to maintain the pressure differential of the whole drainage system with the external environment below “+/-100Pa”, and will last for the lifetime of the building.

SSPS Multi-storey Installations

SSPS Multi-storey Installations

Here are all the elements of the SSPS individually defined, with links to their product pages. To ascertain which Studor products would be relevant for your building’s SSPS, please refer to our guide to AAVs, or for assistance with incorporating within your drawings, utilise our StudorCAD software.

  • P.A.P.A.
    The P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) solves the problems of positive pressures (transients, back-pressure) within drainage systems of multi-storey developments, simplifying the design of sanitary waste pipe systems.

  • Mini-Vent
    The AAV which protects all trap seals connected to a single branch in the drainage system.

  • Maxi-Vent
    The AAV which can be used for venting the stack of any building eliminating the majority of open vents requirements for the vent pipe going through the roof.

  • Trap-Vent
    The compact highly-styled Studor Trap-Vent is a combined trap with a 50mm water seal and an integral AAV, reducing the need for a secondary ventilation pipe system and replacing conventional S and P traps.

Which Studor products does your building require?

For further details please refer to the links on this page or contact the distributor in your country who will assist you with your questions or advise you of how to place an order.