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Building Types

Retrofit and Refurb

A retrofit or a refurbishment of a building’s drainage system may be required for any of the following reasons:

  • There is a drainage issue with an existing building.
  • There is a ‘change of use’ to a building.
  • You wish to add a room to an existing building.

Here are the different scenarios explained in a little more detail, together with indications as to which Studor products may be of use.

Drainage Issues in Existing Buildings

Problems associated with drainage in an existing building are largely due to negative pressures in a drainage system and this means that bad odours and gurgling will occur. A way of alleviating this problem in a low rise or residential building would be to simply install a Trap-Vent which is a combination trap and AAV combined; however, if more air is required in the system, then a Mini-Vent may be of use.

Also, where there is over capacity in a larger drainage system in a medium to high rise building, there may be a requirement to install the P.A.P.A. which also resolves positive drainage pressures. For example, the peak usage of a building’s drainage system may be compromised when there is a change of use; the consequences being excessive gurgling and even exploding toilets.

Change of Use to an Existing Building

A retrofit will be required to a building’s drainage system if there is a change of use. For example, if a building was previously a residential medium rise building and it is now operating as a busy hotel, then it would be necessary to break down the individual elements of the drainage system and examine what combination of products would be required. This would not be a matter of changing the stack system, but simply installing a range of Studor products to cope with the greater load capacity; the P.A.P.A., Trap-Vent, Mini-Vent and Maxi-Vent are often used in this situation as part of the The Studor System.

Adding to or Refurbing an Existing Building

When there is a requirement to add an additional room such as a kitchen/loft/new bathroom, then it would be appropriate to add air requirements to the system depending on what alterations/additions are being made. For example, are you adding extra appliances (washing machine, dishwasher) will the extra rooms have an en-suite facility or a toilet? If so, then you need to add additional AAVs accordingly to ensure the drainage system performs at its best.

To find out more about retrofitting and refurbing existing drainage systems, please contact a member of our team so they give you further advice and recommendations.
For advice on installing the correct combination of AAVs, the Studor System or other associated Studor products, we have an in-house team that has worked on every type of building across the world. Please contact us or the local distributor in your country for assistance.