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How to Specify

Drainage System Specifications

With every building and each different drainage system, there are a number of ‘situational’ factors which will help you to decide which type of AAV or drainage system will be best to ensure your system performs at its best. From a simple en-suite bathroom extension in a residential home, to a drainage system with a commercial function in a factory tower block, it is important to understand the drainage specification process. What is it that you really need?

How Studor can Help You Specify

As pioneers in drainage ventilation technology since 1975, and as part of our ongoing commitment to research, Studor can help any plumber, wholesaler, architect, specifier or engineer by pinpointing exactly what you need.

By referring to each of the individual products within this site, you will find useful product information, supportive material, technical specification sheets along with case studies and videos.

A Friendly Understanding Team of Experts

We understand that during the planning stages of the specification process, all you want to get is the right products for the right job. Whether it is to identify what pressures may be active within a system, how many valves you may need to fit or what the flow rate might be, we will be on hand to objectively assist with specification as an extension of your team.

With a track record that includes some of the most complex drainage systems across the world, the Studor team is here to support your endeavours and help with the entire drainage system specification process.

A Tailored Software Application for Seamless Integration into AutoCAD

To make it easy to add the Studor products into your AutoCAD drawings, download our StudorCAD application.

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