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Air Admittance Valves

AAVs – Active Venting Solutions for All Drainage Systems

Studor Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) are negative pressure-activated, one-way vents, used in a drainage system to eliminate the need for passive pipe venting and unsightly, costly roof penetrations.

Studor is the leading design and manufacturing company of AAVs in the plumbing industry, having patented our first product designs in the mid 1970s.

Here are our most common AAVs with a brief description about their use and a link through to their product pages.

  • A valve for single fixture and group venting.

  • Maxi-Vent
    A valve for stack venting, eliminating the need for a vent pipe through the roof.

  • Tec-Vent
    A valve designed for commercial applications and industries where flame retardance is a priority, but is equally suitable for residential use.

  • Trap-Vent
    Combined trap and AAV for group venting with a modern & compact design.

How the AAVs Work to Prevent Bad Drainage Odours

Where there is a discharge of waste water within any drainage system, it will cause an AAV to open at the ‘Point of Need.’ This is to release a vacuum and allow air to enter the plumbing vent pipe, thus balancing the pressure into the system so the drainage can function correctly.

Why Studor AAVs are the Preferred Technical Solution

The Studor vent piping system is commonly known as an active system, rather than a conventional ‘passive’ vent pipe system, because the AAV opens when there is a need. This is described by a concept called “rapidity of reaction or instantaneous reaction”. Thanks to Studor technology, our range of AAVs react (open) at a very small pressure differential, becoming the preferred technical solution for modern drainage systems.

Using AAVs significantly reduces the amount of materials needed in a plumbing system, increasing plumbing labour efficiency, allowing greater flexibility in the layout of plumbing architecture, and reducing long-term roof maintenance problems associated with conventional vent stack roofing penetrations.

Every Studor valve is tested twice before leaving the factory. Once installed, no maintenance is required. Each Studor product carries a warranty for the lifespan of the drainage system into which it is installed, if used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Our track record has seen our products installed in some of the most iconic buildings all over the world.

For further information about Studor AAVs please click on the product of interest or contact us for further details.