World Plumbing Day 2015

march 11, every year… everywhere

Plumbing – Vital to Global Health
Because Every Day is World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing Day (WPD), which has the theme “Plumbing – Vital to Global Health”, was established in 2010 “to provide anyone or any organisation involved in the global plumbing industry with an opportunity to promote the important role played by the industry.” This annual day of recognition is held on March 11, every year… everywhere!

The WPD logo, which was designed by Anuja Khokhani of Ahmedabad, India, illustrates four key elements with which plumbing is associated – water, health, energy and environment.

In his 2015 WPD speech, Sudhakaran Nair (Chairman of the World Plumbing Council) comments that “the role of plumbers and the contribution that safe plumbing systems make to our community health are vital but seldom acknowledged”. The annual event hopes to draw awareness to the importance of plumbing throughout the world – in developed countries as well as developing countries.

He continues by highlighting that “there are challenges ahead for the plumbing community who must continue to remain abreast of new public health risks. Therefore, we the plumbing community, have a very crucial role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of citizens across the world…In conclusion, let me remind my colleagues in the plumbing fraternity that we are the first line of defence of any society against the spread of disease… Let us on World Plumbing Day reaffirm our oath to use our collective expertise to safeguard the health of our communities.”

This is an oath which Studor takes very seriously, and why we continue to be dedicated to highlighting the importance of water trap seals for human health, a key focus of WPD.

Protecting Water Trap Seals for a Healthier World

The drainage system is a key aspect of the building services, whether it is a small domestic property or a large high rise tower block. Not only does a poor drainage system provide discomfort to building occupants, thanks to bad odours and nasty smells, but it can also present a health hazard. Pathogens can be released into the air, with potential health risks including SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

The only barrier between the drainage system and the living / working space with those occupying the building are the water trap seals. Therefore, the integrity of the seals must be maintained at all times – the seals must perform!

In poorly designed or configured drainage systems, events elsewhere in the drain pipework can cause negative or positive pressures meaning the trap seal is broken and, hence, compromised. Providing relevant ventilation via Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) and more sophisticated drainage ventilation products, such as the Studor System incorporating the P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator), ensures that the seals are maintained and the building is safe for its occupants.

Studor is the only organisation in the world dedicated to drainage ventilation systems. Our complete focus is on the science and technology of drainage ventilation, and not only is there a complete product range devoted to the subject, but our staff have this as a key area of expertise and experience.

Our Studor products are available worldwide, and many prestigious as well as standard projects have been completed, including a significant number in developing countries, where the health benefits are equally essential. The Studor team is always available to provide advice and assistance on the configuration and installation of drainage systems and their adequate ventilation.

World Plumbing Day provides the opportunity for a focus on water and waste health. The often forgotten matter of water trap seals and their essential role should not be overlooked!

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