Fun at the “Seeing is Believing” Test Tower!

Tony Hill

Tony Hill (our Technical Sales Engineer) talks to us here about some of his experiences at our “seeing is believing” test rig in the UK’s The National Lift Tower:

I was asked what the most fun thing was about being involved with the “Seeing is Believing” test tower. This is a difficult question to answer as there have been so many funny moments, so I’d like to share a few of them with you:

  • One of my colleagues, our Technical Sales DirectorBlocked toilet Daniel Rath, managed to block one of the toilets quite spectacularly by putting in 6 sausages, 2 metres of toilet paper, 5 handfuls of cat litter and 2 sanitary towels – he had to roll his sleeves up and put his hands in to mix it all around to clear it! This was just minutes after he’d been asked if he’d blocked a toilet in the testing so far, to which the answer was “no” – famous last words!
  • I was stood too close to the stub-stack WCThe National Lift Tower when we were testing the conventional vent pipe system on the second day and ended up with very wet trousers from water spitting out, much to the amusement of all of guests that day! I made sure I wasn’t so close the next time, but it did illustrate the poor performance of the conventional vent pipe system rather well!
  • The lift getting stuck on ground floor and having to walk up the fire escape to the press the reset button which is 127 meters up the tower. Three quarters of the way up, and slightly out of breath, I was told on the radio that it was working again. Oh well, I certainly got some exercise that day!
  • The very funny looks I was getting at the local supermarket getting the “flushing supplies” each morning!
  • Persuading Helen Williams, our OperationsHelen Williams Director, that she needed to wear a lot of safety gear and a harness to access the upper levels of the tower. Oh, and that the lift didn’t go all the way and that if the wind speed increased then the tower would rock and she’d have to go back down again. Despite the height she walked up/down clipping the harness onto the handrail she took all of it in good spirit, even when she found out that we’d secretly videoed her! I must confess that I’m a little scared of when that one might come back to bite me though!
  • Watching people’s faces as the solids hit the Bottom of the stackbottom of the stack and the delay before it was followed by the water coming down.
  • At the base of the stack, trying to spot what had been flushed down – prizes for the best guess!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Hill
Technical Sales Engineer, Studor

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