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One of the really pleasurable aspects of my position as Technical Sales Director for Studor is the opportunity I have to travel to many different countries.  Also to share and communicate the knowledge I have developed about drainage systems.  There is nothing to compare to the feeling of sharing knowledge with those who WANT to learn…


Although local practices and cultures are very different, the technical challenges of drainage designs in buildings remain very similar and this is true all over the world.

As a sales person for over 20 years I have naturally been involved with prospecting, budgets, negotiations, orders and deliveries.  However, since I started my collaboration with Studor I have also had to become a “teacher”.  I must say that, despite the challenge, this has been a fantastic and rewarding role.

The ability to successfully transfer the knowledge of the world experts at Studor has been an outstanding experience, enriching myself with the pleasure of establishing fantastic personal relationships.  There is nothing better than to witness the emotion on peoples’ faces when a concept is understood!  You really feel a sense of accomplishment.

Finally I can also express my natural extrovert, enjoying the natural communication flow while speaking different languages and using skills I developed as a student when I was a tour guide in Tuscany.

Colombia, Chile, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Israel, The Netherlands, Iran, Sweden, Thailand, Panama, UAE, Qatar, Uruguay and Morocco are just some of the recent locations of my world education tour.

Whilst I try to visit as many countries as possible, please do not forget that many of the resources I use are included in the DRC (Distributor Resource Centre).  If I can assist or if you would like me to visit to help train your sales team and technical staff, please just contact me.

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