“Seeing is Believing” Test Tower Roundup

Tony Hill at the base of the test tower

As we come towards the end of another year at our “Seeing is Believing” test tower, here’s an update from Tony Hill (our Technical Sales Engineer) on what’s been happening at the world’s tallest drainage test facility:


Not heard of the “Seeing is Believing” test tower? Where have you been the last 2 years? More to the point, why haven’t you been? 🙂

In a nutshell, a visit to our “Seeing is Believing” test tower is an immersive experience in which you can see first-hand how the Studor System out-performs the traditional vent system in maintaining the trap seals and protecting against the negative and positive pressures in the drainage system. Please click through the links at the bottom of this article if you’d like to know more.

This year has been another great success at the tower for both for us at Studor and as an educational trip for consultants, designers and installers alike. We’ve hosted at least one show each month throughout the year, with a total of around 250 visitors to date from the UK and also from overseas.

One of the highlights was a private day for a group of 12 Young Engineers from SoPHE – this new generation of engineers are starting their career at a time when in many regions “the only way is up”. The visit to the test tower offered them the perfect opportunity to gain a good understanding of the specific issues related to drainage ventilation in high rise buildings.

Taking on-board requests from some of our earlier visitors, we made a few changes to the system this year, including an offset in clear pipe, and plan to make more changes soon – watch this space!

If you have any thoughts on what else you’d like to see at the test tower, then please make a suggestion and we can make the changes over the winter when it’s really really cold in the unheated concrete tower – thanks for that! 😉 Seriously, we do welcome all feedback, so please email me at tony.hill@studor.net with any ideas.

On a final note, here’s the quick check list we do before each show:

1) Big tall building to play in.
2) Water.
3) Supplies.
4) Toilet.
5) Lots of toilets.
    Check, check, check!lots-of-toilets


6) For the rest you have to be here – after all, “Seeing IS Believing”!

For more information on 2017 dates, to arrange a private day for your PH team, or even to bring your clients to see why the Studor System (incorporating the Studor P.A.P.A. and AAVs) is the ONLY way forward in high rise building drainage, please contact me at tony.hall@studor.net.

Don’t forget, what goes down always comes back up – nice!

down up





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