When Art Meets Science…

There are times when different disciplines and arts converge with each other to provide outstanding results – the work of the talented Slovenian-born Dr Vesna Petresin, BSc PhD FRSA is one such example, with a lot of the subjects she uses in her visual and sound pieces and performances being inspired by fluid dynamics.

Vesna first met the founders of Studor (STUre and DORis Ericson) when Heriot-Watt University hosted the CIB’s 1999 W062 Symposium on Water Supply and Drainage in Buildings, in which Vesna’s father, Dr Eugen Petresin of the University of Maribor, presented his research. A relationship which has been maintained ever since, with Sture and Doris following her artistic career over the years. Studor was therefore happy to sponsor an audio-visual production of Vesna’s work at the 2017 Transmediale international festival in Berlin as part of the Art Science Node selection, taking place at the German Patent Bureau headquarters.









Vesna’s piece of work titled “The Dreams Our Things Are Made Of” was well-received by leading members of the German science, research & innovation, technology and cultural sectors, along with international guests. The overall show was a great success which resulted in the German Patent Bureau giving the organisations, the Art Science Node, exclusive rights to curate events in their premises both in Berlin and in Munich – a great honour indeed!

Throughout the development of her artistic career, Vesna has also remained involved with her scientific career. Following the 2001 W062 Symposium on Water Supply and Drainage in Buildings, which was organised in Portoroz, Slovenia by Vesna’s parents, her father (Dr Eugen Petresin exchanged research and discussed collaboration with Sture and Vesna herself has been a research assistant to her father and his teams (in Slovenia, UK and Germany), for over 20 years. Since 2003 she has also been a Research Fellow to Cecil Balmond, Deputy Chairman of Ove Arup & Partners and, through this collaboration, she has met research teams that Studor collaborated with at Arups and Heriot-Watt, being an active advocate of Studor’s innovations and products to the engineering teams she has met. More about Vesna’s successful artistic and scientific careers can be read on her LinkedIn profile.

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