World Plumbing Day 2017

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Plumbing – Vital to Global Health
Because Every Day is World Plumbing Day

Yes, another year has gone by since the last World Plumbing Day (WPD), and here we are again with the opportunity to “reaffirm our oath to use our collective expertise to safeguard the health of our communities” and to “promote the important role played by the industry“.

To this end, Studor continues to play a key role in educating the industry on the importance of water trap seals for human health – one of the four key elements with which plumbing is associated. Our most recent activity in this area being our “Seeing is Believing” test tower, which demonstrates that not only is the Studor System more than capable of protecting the water trap seals, but also that it out-performs the convention vent pipe system.

One of the other key elements is “water” – a valuable and finite resource that most of us take for granted. It with consideration to this aspect that Studor continues to support the work of  the charity DROP4DROP and would like to share their latest update (a big thank you to the DROP4DROP team!):

In many parts of the world, access to safe, clean drinking water is scarce. 663 million people do not have access to this basic human right. The lack of access to clean water and safe sanitation not only threatens the health of individuals, but impedes social and economic development on a global scale. DROP4DROP works across the globe to provide sustainable sources of clean drinking water to those currently living without.

DROP4DROP is currently working within communities across India and Africa. With research continually undertaken to ensure the most effective technologies are used, DROP4DROP strives to ensure communities have access to a sustainable source of water clean drinking water.

By employing local labourers and involving the community throughout the project process, a sense of pride and ownership is established with every constructed bore-well. Providing maintenance and hygiene education ensures maximum longevity of the well and promotes a positive attitude to hygiene and health.

Thanks to the generosity of Studor, work can continue to provide clean water to those currently living without access. This month DROP4DROP is collaborating with VOX United to deliver a large-scale bore-well restoration scheme across Mozambique. Mozambique has one of the lowest rates of water and sanitation coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa and has the 22nd highest rate of child mortality worldwide (World Health Organization). The country also struggles with floods and earthquakes, which dramatically affects communities’ abilities to collect water. Poverty levels are high; 49% of Mozambicans do not have access to a clean water supply and this figure rises to 62% among the most rural communities. Many Mozambicans rely on collecting water from natural sources such as lakes and dams. Subsequently, the risk suffering from waterborne disease is incredibly high.

As women and children face the responsibility of collecting water for their families, alleviating the time spent travelling to the nearest source ensures children can focus on their education, and women can enter paid employment. By providing Mozambican communities with a functioning bore-well will not only improve the health of the community, but further aid the economic and social development of Mozambique as a country. Alongside the restoration of broken bore-wells, selected members of each community are trained in maintenance and encouraged to monitor the use and productivity of the well, ensuring repairs can continue without DROP4DROP present, securing longevity and success of each community bore-well.  

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