International Women in Engineering Day: Christa Wang



Christa Wang, Sales Manager for Studor’s Taiwanese distributor Metropole, has now been working with Studor for over 14 years. She leads an all-male engineering team, promoting the Studor System in Taiwan as a key part of her role.

So far her team has secured more than 1,200 projects of complete Studor AAV drainage systems in Taiwan; varying from hotels, commercial buildings, and high rise residential buildings through to hospitals and facilities. She is driven by the achievement of winning more projects and seeing the growth of sales targets each year.

Engineering Speciality:

Water Supply & Drainage System, Electrical System



What got you interested in engineering?

I found that the variety of engineering appealed to me. By integrating marketing and technical engineering knowledge, I enjoy the challenges of making our customers easily know our new technology, good products, excellent systems and all of the different types of projects involved.

Where did you study:

Mainly in Taiwan, but also for two years in Freiburg, Germany.

What’s the most notable project you’ve ever been involved with and why?

The most notable project that I’ve been involved with was promoting the reform in the Taiwanese National Building Code for the design of building water supply and drainage systems.

The tallest project I’ve been involved with is the Mega Tower, a 50-floor commercial building owned by Far Eastern Retail Group, located in Banqiao, New Taipei city.

What specific skills or attributes do you feel that women bring to engineering?

Most women are more detail-orientated, more attentive and more thoughtful than men. These features help me doing well in managing each projects and customers’ needs.

Women constitute a small percentage of engineers versus men. What advice or thoughts can you give to women thinking of studying or training to become engineers?
  1. Always be confident and strong-minded. Always have courage and executive power. Always persist in right things. Keep these in your mind, and you will succeed in the end.
  2. If you want to success in the field of engineering, just persist in doing what you think is right until seeing opportunities; instead of insisting in something while seeing opportunities.
  3. I believe that my fate is in my own hands not in others’ words.
  4. Discover the best of you.
What do you enjoy doing outside work?

I enjoy reading, exercising and traveling in my personal time.

I have climbed 5 high mountains to the altitude of 3,000 metres or even higher!

I have translated a series of children’s books from German into Traditional Chinese. I found that this was a really fun process.

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