International Women in Engineering Day Focus: Tanya Ibrahim



Today we’d like to thank Tanya Ibrahim, Engineer for Plastics, Pipes, and Fittings Department at NSF International, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, for sharing a bit about herself with us:

Engineering Speciality:

Majored in Chemical Engineering



What got you interested in engineering?

I was really interested in chemistry and mathematics in highschool, and that drove me to pursue an engineering degree. In addition, my dad is a Civil Engineer. Seeing his drive and dedication really made me want to follow into his footsteps and pursue the Engineering field.

Where did you study:

I completed my BS in Chemical Engineering from Wayne State University in 2015. I was also the first student from WSU to graduate with a certificate in Nano-engineering. I currently attend the University of Michigan in pursuit of my MS in Engineering Management, estimated to be completed by December 2017.

Any other personal details you feel would be of interest to readers:

As first generation Lebanese, I am bilingual in English and Lebanese. I used to work for an automotive supplier as a Quality Engineer. When I graduated I did so “Cum Laude”, having researched improving the combustion properties of petroleum coke for DTE Energy.

What’s the most notable project you’ve ever been involved with and why?

I managed a project that involved the certification of a world-leading provider of power tools. The project involved overseeing and scheduling all testing for compatibility of pipes and fittings joined together with the power tool. This project spanned over 7 months.

What specific skills or attributes do you feel that women bring to engineering?

I believe that women are really detail-oriented, driven, and natural leaders. Working as a woman engineer in a male-dominated industry shows that we are tough and we don’t mess around. Women think critically and that’s one of their best attributes that they can bring to this challenging field.

Women constitute a small percentage of engineers versus men. What advice or thoughts can you give to women thinking of studying or training to become engineers?

Engineering is an industry that can open so many doors for you. It’s a versatile career path. You can do anything from work in automotive, cosmetology, plastics, architecture, etc. No matter how tough it gets, stick it out. Engineering is the most rewarding career path, because you will make a difference in society, so stick it out!

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

Outside of work I enjoy working out, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.

Any other information or comments?

I really hope that more women are inspired to pursue engineering as a career choice. Although I was 1 of 3 females in my 2015 graduating class, I don’t feel like there are any barriers for women in this field. Women need to not avoid the career because engineering is labelled as a “man’s job”. We need more women in the field and I hope any women reading this think hard about engineering as an option before picking a career path.

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