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One of the things that our experience as world market leader in drainage ventilation has taught us is that it very difficult to make a top quality Air Admittance Valve. Membranes have to be extremely correct; they must be exactly seated, as the slightest warp will make the valve leak – with such marginal tolerances in the valve, precision in the manufacturing process is key. It is therefore critical that we are highly selective in the manufacturers we work with. One of our manufacturers, based in the USA, is Dymotek, Inc., who kindly shares some words with us about the company:

Dymotek, Inc., is a leading plastics manufacturing company in the Northeast United States. Our vision is to provide world class customer experiences by providing consistent, value added, dynamic thermoplastic and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) solutions. We were recently recognized as “Processor of the Year for 2016” in the United States.

As a full service provider we have molded component manufacturing, value added services such as pad printing and assembly, and multinational order fulfillment of project-specific bulk packed or retail packaged Air Admittance Valves (AAV) direct to Studor’s customers and distributors.

In our manufacturing environment, there are a few factors that have direct influence over pricing:

  • raw materials (resins/ silicones)
  •  overhead
  •  labor

RAW MATERIALS/PACKAGING: Commodity resins used for the majority of injection molded products are commercially available and tend to follow standard market pricing. Engineering resins are more complicated dependent on the product’s unique requirements and don’t typically fluctuate directly with the market. With a proven history of volume and continued efforts by Studor to grow the AAV market, Dymotek is able to foster competitive rates with suppliers and negotiate inventory levels, terms and delivery for mutual benefit. These same principles are applied to retail packaging such as individual boxes and installation instructions. We take pride in our close relationships with local suppliers that offer not only quality made packaging and stored inventory, but world class customer service, available same day delivery and creative solutions for cost reduction to share downstream.

OVERHEAD: Dymotek endeavors to provide value. Integrated quality checks performed by automation, regular dimensional and visual inspections performed by skilled personnel during several stages of the manufacturing process, and leading technology designed into equipment ensures that every assembly is validated before packaging.  Dymotek, as a supplier of highly regulated products offered both domestic and international requirements is audited a minimum of 17 times annually. The majority of audits being unannounced. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is registered to ISO9000:2008 (soon to be ISO9001:2015 in early 2018) with regular audits to ensure continued compliance and commitment to systemic improvement.

LABOR: We have a highly automated manufacturing facility that reduces the impact of costs and quality for labor. Every stage of manufacturing for all products at Dymotek is well defined, regularly monitored, and diligently documented. We say what we do, do what we say, and welcome review by our customers and certification bodies. Our systems are regularly reviewed internally by trained auditors who seek to identify areas for improvement. We have won multiple awards in our industry for employee satisfaction.

It is a source of pride for all associates from senior management to the core of the business, our machine operators and technicians, to not only see an opportunity to make an improvement, but also receive the resources and encouragement to put their ideas into practice.

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