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Studor® Combi-Siphon™

The trap with its own AAV

The Combi-Siphon Plus provides a compact solution for drainage problems in existing buildings. It also provides an inexpensive option for new build installations that greatly improves the performance of the drainage system.

Here are further advantages and features of this combination AAV:

  • The Combi-Siphon Plus has a lifetime warranty – equivalent to that of the drainage system in which it is installed.
  • As a one-way valve, the Combi-Siphon Plus allows room air into the waste system when a siphonage action occurs in the discharge pipe.
  • Combined bottle trap with 50mm water seal and integral AAV.
  • Ideal for venting small groups of appliances and eliminates the need for secondary ventilation pipe systems.
  • White ABS.
  • 2.6 litres/second at -150 Pa (10 Pa = 1mm water gauge).
  • Ideal for problem solving in existing buildings.
  • Is part of the complete Studor Single Pipe System.
  • Temperature operating range: -20°C – +60°C.
  • Is easily installed – with no specialist skills required.
  • As the trap design is based on a bottle trap, it is very easy to clean (when and if necessary) and to retrieve objects, such as earrings, which may have been dropped in the sink.
  • Provides greater freedom of design for plumbers, engineers, architects and specifiers.

The Studor Combi-Siphon Plus reduces the need for secondary ventilation and replaces conventional S and P traps. Ideal for group venting systems, if offers an easy to maintain product without the need for excessive venting piping.

Combi-Siphon Installation
Combi-Siphon Installation

This combined trap conforms to the requirements of the European Standard EN12380. Available in white ABS, the Combi-Siphon Plus can be part of the Studor Single Pipe System which vents an entire building without the need for conventional vent pipes.

The Connectors and Dimensions

Available with 32mm / 1¼" and 40mm / 1½" appliance connections.

For further information about the above featured combination AAV, please refer to any of our featured reference projects, while at the same time any of our distributors will be pleased to hear from you to give you further information.