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Combination AAVs

Combination Air Admittance Valves by Studor

Studor combined AAVs with traps present a unique, simple and neat solution for group venting systems within any new or existing building, providing an easy to maintain and inexpensive drainage ventilation solution. The Studor combined AAVs are easy to install, allowing retrofitting to be carried out by plumbers of all experience levels.

How do Combination AAVs work?

The Combi-Siphon and the Trap-Vent are both combination AAVs; this means that the units are combined traps with a 50mm seal and they are fitted with an integral AAV. This reduces the need for secondary ventilation and replaces conventional S and P traps.

The following Studor products are great for problem solving when looking at the drainage systems in existing buildings, as well as an ideal option for use within new build installations.

  • Combi-Siphon
    The Studor Combi-Siphon Plus is a bottle trap with a 50mm seal, combined with an integral AAV, reducing the need for secondary ventilation. The Combi-Siphon Plus replaces conventional S and P traps and is very easy to maintain. As a one-way valve, the Combi-Siphon Plus allows room air into the waste system when a siphonage action occurs in the connected discharge pipe.

  • Trap-Vent
    The compact highly-styled Studor Trap-Vent is a combined trap with a 50mm seal and an integral AAV, reducing the need for secondary ventilating and replacing conventional S and P traps. Available in a polished chrome-plate finish, the Trap-Vent is the finishing touch to any new or refurbished bathroom.

For further information about any of the above featured Studor products, please refer to any of our featured reference projects, while at the same time any of our distributors will be pleased to hear from you to give you further information.