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Specifiers (M&E)

M&E Consultants Benefit from Studor Drainage Ventilation Technology

The Studor System is a scientifically proven single stack solution that reduces the overall complexity of any design. The Studor System provides effective balanced protection within the drainage system against negative and positive pressures through the unique combination of the Studor Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) and the P.A.P.A. (Postive Air Pressure Attenuator). Providing effective protection to the water trap seals, the active Studor System results in an efficient and functional modern and safe drainage system.

Using the Studor System, you comply with international drainage standards, such as EN12056-2 for design and EN12380 for product standards. This means you are also bringing your client the benefit of significant savings in both reduced material cost and installation time.

The advanced design of the Studor System is the result of over 35 years of experience, supported by our extensive worldwide reference list, providing you with complete confidence.

Benefits for All

Building owners and architects will approve your use of the Studor products because the aesthetics of the building can be maintained, with no vent stacks protruding from the roof and/or walls. This also means roof integrity is assured and that insulation and heat retention is improved. Meanwhile, the plumber/installer will appreciate the use of less pipework, so providing quicker and easier installation time.

Studor AAVs provide practical solutions for commercial and residential/domestic buildings, eliminating the need for roof penetrations and extensive group vent piping. Our valves also reduce the need for fire stopping devices preventing the ‘chimney effect’ and fire spreading between floors.

Full details for each product are provided within this website, together with downloads of specifications and technical information, plus reference sites and case studies for the type of building you are specifying. In addition, our StudorCAD application is available for download via a simple log-in.

Please use the Contact Us page to locate our subsidiary or distributor in your country for further information and support with selecting and specifying Studor products.