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Domestic Applications

Air Admittance Valves in Domestic Building Applications

In domestic applications the choice of Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) is reasonably straightforward.
Your principal choice will probably be the Studor Maxi-Vent. However, if there is a more complex domestic installation, then the Studor Mini-Vent or even the Studor P.A.P.A. could be considered. The Studor product range of domestic valves is suitable for all new build applications and retro-fitting, and is guaranteed for the life of the venting system.

The Maxi-Vent is used for stack venting in simple family houses or in buildings up to 10 storeys high. It can be used as a standalone device for primary ventilation, totally eliminating the requirement for a stack vent pipe through the roof. Beyond this, in more complex buildings which exceed 10 storeys, the Studor System would be required which incorporates the P.A.P.A.

The Mini-Vent is a drainage ventilation solution for any single fixture, group venting, or for venting the entire branch in residential and commercial applications. It can also be used with other Studor AAVs to complement larger and high rise building drainage systems.

Ideal for venting all fixtures connected to the same waste pipe branch: washing machines, toilets, sinks, baths, showers and kitchen waste water. The Mini-Vent AAV protects all trap seals connected to the same drainage branch by allowing the intake of air, so that the right level of pressure balance is maintained.

For a medium high rise residential building drainage system, a combination of both Maxi-Vent and Mini-Vent is required. This advanced combination of AAVs will protect all trap seals in the drainage system by allowing the intake of air in all branches, as well as in all stacks, so the right level of pressure balance within the drainage system is constantly maintained.

For more information regarding the Studor range of solutions for domestic and residential drainage systems, please give a member of our team a call to find out more.

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Sample Reference Projects

The Citadel, Ludgate Hill, Manchester
New Residential - The Citadel, Ludgate Hill, Manchester

The Citadel is a stunning six storey apartment scheme completed in 2004, and the tallest timber framed building in the city of Manchester. Developed by David McLean Homes and constructed by ROK Build, the main contractor. ROK were extremely happy with the service and savings provided by the use of Studor products.

Installation Description:
With 70 Studor P.A.P.A.s and 35 Maxi-Vents used in the design and build of this multi floor residential building, this is a great example of how the Studor AAVs work together with the P.A.P.A. as the Studor System to provide you with a very effective drainage system.

“The drainage plumbing ventilation system for “The Citadel” has been a great success and we have no complaints whatsoever. We would recommend the use of Studor and the products, and would not hesitate to work with Studor on any future developments.”
Stephen Crosthwaite, Project Surveyor, ROK Build North Limited, UK

Domestic Bungalow, Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire, UK
Domestic Bungalow, Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire, UK

A small retrofit installation has greatly improved the appearance of the domestic property concerned by eliminating the need for an unsightly vent pipe protruding through the roof.

Installation Description:
A Studor Maxi-Vent was installed externally This was a retrofit installation. The Aluminium Cover provided additional protection to the Maxi-Vent, which was painted to match the exterior décor.

Domestic Residence, Wanganui, New Zealand
Domestic Residence, Wanganui, New Zealand

These installations were part of a network of new build properties in this picturesque part of New Zealand’s North Island, which resulted in the first Certificate of Accreditation given by the Building Industry Authority in New Zealand; issued in 1994, it represents a new way of thinking regarding residential drainage systems particularly with regard to new builds.

Installation Description:
This new build project incorporated a range of AAVs from the Mini-Vent through to the Combi-Siphon. Since then, thousands of properties throughout New Zealand like this example have installed Studor products, resulting in cost savings and improved drainage ventilation systems for domestic applications.

Monroe Place Apartments, Georgia, USA
Monroe Place Apartments, Georgia, USA

Monroe Place Apartments are a ‘Classic Style’ with brick construction, and like to be considered as timeless and pleasing. The apartments offer several unique floor plans to suit a variety of residential needs and the types of flats and condominiums are over multiple floors, with a maximum of 10 storeys.

Installation Description:
500 Studor AAVs (Mini-Vent and Maxi-Vent) were installed in the mid-town apartment homes.

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Domestic Residences, Berkshire, UK
Domestic Residences, Berkshire, UK

As part of a refurbishment project to domestic properties in Berkshire to provide residents with a more contemporary finish and to eliminate exterior drainage smells Maxi-Vents have been installed. The aluminium cover provides additional protection against temperature and weather.

Installation Description:
Maxi-Vents were retrofitted, with the aluminium cover providing additional protection against temperature and weather.

For advice on installing the correct combination of AAVs, the Studor System or other associated Studor products, we have an in-house team that has worked on every type of building across the world. Please contact us or the local distributor in your country for assistance.