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High Rise Applications

Drainage Systems in High Rise Buildings

High Rise BuildingStudor has world-recognised expertise in venting drainage systems for high rise buildings and the Studor System is a revolutionary ‘world-first’ system developed to resolve the problems of positive and negative pressures within the drainage systems of multi-storey, high rise residential and commercial developments.

The Studor System complements the range of Studor Air Admittance Valves (AAVs), providing the best total pressure balance within the drainage system of any multi-storey building over 10 storeys high, or even smaller buildings with more complex system designs. The Studor System can be installed into new building projects or retrofitted.

By referring to the various resources featured in our Studor Guide you will find Reference Projects, CAD drawings, installation guides and much more.

What is the Height of your High Rise Building?

Whether 10 storey, 30 storey, or even the tallest building in the country, Studor has an expert in-house team that can guide you through all the technical issues involved with drainage systems, enabling you to deal with your building project in a professional, efficient and timely way.

The Studor P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator)

The Studor P.A.P.A. forms part of the Studor System, a complete venting system also utilising Studor AAVs, for example the Mini-Vent and Maxi-Vent.

The Studor System has brought the design of plumbing venting systems into the 21st century, allowing drainage system architects, consultants and building engineers to simplify their sanitary waste systems with many benefits.

Speak with one of our experts and find out how we can help you specify the right single stack drainage system for your high rise building.

Sample Reference Projects

The Citadel, Ludgate Hill, Manchester
New Residential - The Citadel, Ludgate Hill, Manchester

The Citadel is a stunning six storey apartment scheme completed in 2004, and the tallest timber framed building in the city of Manchester. Developed by David McLean Homes and constructed by ROK Build, the main contractor. ROK were extremely happy with the service and savings provided by the use of Studor products.

Installation Description:
With 70 Studor P.A.P.A.s and 35 Maxi-Vents used in the design and build of this multi floor residential building, this is a great example of how the Studor AAVs work together with the P.A.P.A. as the Studor System to provide you with a very effective drainage system.

“The drainage plumbing ventilation system for “The Citadel” has been a great success and we have no complaints whatsoever. We would recommend the use of Studor and the products, and would not hesitate to work with Studor on any future developments.”
Stephen Crosthwaite, Project Surveyor, ROK Build North Limited, UK

Convention Centre, Hyatt Regency Denver,
Colorado, USA
Convention Centre, Hyatt Regency Denver, Colorado, USA

The 35 storey luxury Denver Hyatt Hotel at the Convention Centre in Colarado was a big milestone for Studor in terms of entering into the United States. It was one of the first designed projects to utilise the Studor Single Pipe System within the USA, with the obvious benefits being the space saving and ease of installation; this made Studor the only choice for this project which completed in 2006.

Installation Description:
The Studor P.A.P.A., Studor Maxi-Vents and Studor Tec-Vents were installed within the Studor System, offering design flexibility, greater protection from positive and negative transients, and substantial savings. These were all factored into the decision to utilise Studor's latest innovative technology.

Hamilton Harbour One, Brisbane, Australia
Hamilton Harbour One, Brisbane, Australia

Harbour One is a 22 storey apartment block housing 258 separate dwellings within the prestigious riverside Hamilton Harbour project in Brisbane. Set in a landscaped parkland setting, it shares the site with the smaller Harbour Two residential building and the KSD, a mixed use precinct, offering office space, retail and leisure facilities.

Installation Description:
The Studor System was the chosen drainage system; utilising in total, 514 Studor AAVs and 166 Studor P.A.P.A.s. The P.A.P.A.s were installed horizontally in the ceiling space between the habitable areas, thereby maximising the amount of usable floor space. Significant cost savings were made by installing the SSPS.

The O2, London, UK
O2 Arena, London

The Millennium Dome was originally intended to be a temporary structure for use throughout the year 2000. The O2 redevelopment, which finished in 2007, saw the building transformed into an exciting, versatile sports and entertainment venue seating 23,000. The ground surface can also be changed between ice rink, basketball court, exhibition space, conference venue, private hire venue and concert venue. It is a popular music venue, and was used during the 2012 Olympics as the venue for gymnastics and basketball.

Installation Description:
The installation of 548 toilets posed an issue for the plumbing contractor. The use of open stacks had been dismissed by the local council due to perceived threat of SARS or other airborne viruses. A totally sealed drainage solution was designed using the Studor System by the at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, who worked together with Studor and MNE to develop a suitable system for the O2 Arena and to prove to Building Control that the system would work.

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower, Panama City, Panama
The Trump Ocean Club in Panama City, Republic of Panama

This is a project stretching over 70 floors, 220,000m², and comprises condominiums, a luxury hotel, casino, shops, restaurant, spa and business centre. With the consultants, Studor was able to provide a solution without the need for vent pipes, which the shape of the building would not have allowed.

Installation description:
Over 2000 Studor AAVs were installed, together with the P.A.P.A., as the Studor System. A total of 44,000 metres of pipe were consequently saved, together with the associated reduction of installation time and benefits to the environment.

The Hub, Milan, Italy
The Hub

The Hub hotel was previously a 20 storey office building. On conversion, the exterior remained original, while the interiors were stripped to accommodate new luxurious suites with large bathrooms. This created an additional demand for drainage without extra room for stack ventilation, whilst also keeping noise levels to a minimum.

Installation Description:
The solution was to fit a combination of Mini-Vents, Trap-Vents, Maxi-Vents and the P.A.P.A., fitting the complete Studor System to the existing drainage system with little intrusive or additional work.

For advice on installing the correct combination of AAVs, the Studor System or other associated Studor products, we have an in-house team that has worked on every type of building across the world. Please contact us or the local distributor in your country for assistance.