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Building Types

Medium Rise Applications

Medium rise buildings, in Studor vocabulary, represent buildings that are of multiple storeys and less than ten floors high. Examples include social housing, shopping centres and mixed use buildings (both commercial and residential/domestic).

Drainage Venting Solutions for Medium Rise Buildings

Studor is a market leader when it comes to drainage venting technology for medium rise applications.

By utilising the Studor P.A.P.A (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) as part of the Studor System, which also incorporates AAVs, you are covering all the positive and negative pressure challenges in today’s modern drainage venting systems, and have a solution which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Medium Rise Residential and Domestic

Medium rise residential and domestic buildings commonly use the Maxi-Vent and Mini-Vent, together with combination of AAVs, as a means of venting their drainage systems.

Examples include: social housing, houses, low rise apartments/flats and new build housing estates.

Medium Rise Mixed Use Building Installation

Medium rise mixed use buildings commonly use the Studor System as a means of venting their drainage systems, comprising of the Studor product range.

This means that the building could be, for example, a shopping centre or a casino on the one level, and then it will function in the same building as residential flats, or as a hotel, on the floors above.

Sample Reference Projects

Alpensia Resort, Pyeongchang, South Korea
Alpina Ski Resort, South Korea

The Alpensia Resort will be site of the Winter Olympics in February 2018. The resort has 6 slopes, with runs up to 1.4km long for skiers and snowboarders; 4 star Holiday Inn with 551 rooms; 4 tower condominium and conference centre; and a golf zone.

Installation Description:
In environments were snow and ice are common there are blocking risks associated with traditional vent stacks. These were overcome in this project by installing the Studor products and the added confidence of the guaranteed performance of the Maxi-Vent to -40°C.

Berlaymont Building, Brussels, Belgium
Berlaymont Building, Brussels, Belgium

The Berlaymont, occasionally nicknamed The Berlaymonster, is a four winged, cross shaped office building in Brussels, Belgium, housing the headquarters of the European Commission, which is the executive of the European Union (EU). First occupied in 1967, the building has been subject to much expansion and renovation work since. It currently provides office space for 3000 officials on 14 floors and has a restaurant able to seat 900.

Installation Description:

Over a thousand Studor Mini-Vents (Mini-KNITS) and Maxi-Vents (KNITS II) were installed as part of the refurbishment works.

Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel, Madrid, Spain
Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel, Madrid, Spain

The Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel, positioned in the exclusive Calle de Hermosilla, close to the financial district, been described as having a distinct aura of privilege. A symbol of European elegance, this luxurious Madrid Hotel has a grand and glowing neo-classical exterior. The renovation involved changes to the layout of the rooms and increased the number of bathrooms adding a requirement for additional drainage pipe work where there was limited space.

Installation Description:
Studor AAVs were installed to reduce the need for additional pipe work.

Hospital de Vallecas, Madrid, Spain
Madrid Hospital, Vallecas

In this newly constructed hospital, opened in 2008, all theatres and large meeting rooms are located on the top floor of the 3 storey building. Over 250 Maxi-Vents have allowed no pipe presence or interference in these crucial rooms. The drastic reduction of roof penetration became a real bonus with the design and finish of the building which would not have been possible using traditional open air stacks.

Installation Description:
The drainage system design consists mainly of stacks: no branches. Each stack serves a maximum of 4 bathrooms per floor and toilets are independently linked to the stacks. The concept was to install as many stacks as possible to allow only very short branches. The Maxi-Vent was used on the majority of the stacks, as the stacks have to stop at the second level.

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Monroe Place Apartments, Georgia, USA
Monroe Place Apartments, Georgia, USA

Monroe Place Apartments are a ‘Classic Style’ with brick construction, and like to be considered as timeless and pleasing. The apartments offer several unique floor plans to suit a variety of residential needs and the types of flats and condominiums are over multiple floors, with a maximum of 10 storeys.

Installation Description:
500 Studor AAVs (Mini-Vent and Maxi-Vent) were installed in the mid-town apartment homes.

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For advice on installing the correct combination of AAVs, the Studor System or other associated Studor products, we have an in-house team that has worked on every type of building across the world. Please contact us or the local distributor in your country for assistance.