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Studor® P.A.P.A.®

The Studor P.A.P.A. Solution for Multi-storey Buildings

Multi-storey showing positive and negative pressure areas
Diagram showing negative and positive pressure in a high rise

The Studor P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) is a revolutionary ‘world-first’ system developed to resolve the problems of positive pressures (transients / back-pressure) within the drainage systems of multi-storey and high rise developments. This is the perfect complement to the existing range of Studor Air Admittance Valves (AAVs), providing a complete venting solution for any Multi-storey building over 10 storeys high.

Whether you are a drainage system architect or engineer, the P.A.P.A. has changed the design of drainage venting systems, thus allowing building designers to simplify their sanitary waste systems with many benefits including:

  • The P.A.P.A. provides effective and complete protection against positive pressures in the drainage system, with no specialist installation requirements.
  • The P.A.P.A. replaces existing vent piping, which means greater freedom of design.
  • The P.A.P.A. has a life time guarantee for peace of mind.
  • The P.A.P.A. can be retrofitted to all types of high rise drainage designs.
  • The P.A.P.A. also reduces the need for fire stopping devices.

The P.A.P.A. has been installed in some of the highest buildings in the world without the need for very large vent pipes. Please see our reference projects pages for examples.

The Studor System is a complete venting system utilising Studor AAVs such as the Mini-Vent and the Maxi-Vent, together with the P.A.P.A. The Mini-Vent will protect fixtures on the branches of a system from any vacuum. The Maxi-Vent sits on top of the stacks, whilst the P.A.P.A. deals with the positive pressures.

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Testing and Intellectual Rights

This revolutionary product was first tested in the laboratory of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and was invented by Professor John A. Swaffield and Dr David Campbell. The invention of such a system remains unique in the drainage and plumbing field and is patented along with the designs of numerous other Studor products.

For further details please refer to the links on this page or contact the distributor in your country who will assist you with your questions or advise you of how to place an order.