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AAV Advantages for Plumbers

Effective drainage ventilation solutions from Studor save costs, reduce effort, cut installation time and, equally as importantly, allow you to install systems that work first time and so reduce call outs and remedial work. Studor Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) and associated products should be on every plumber’s parts list.

Ideally, you should consider the Studor products for any new projects. However, they are also ideal for solving problems, particularly when nasty sewer odours are present, where noisy systems and gurgling toilets/basins are a problem and anywhere that water is being siphoned from traps.

Save on New Installations

Specifying Studor products, whether simple AAVs, or the complete Studor System with the P.A.P.A., not only provides an efficient and trouble-free installation, it could also lead to significant savings. Less pipework, no roof penetration and simpler fitting all lead to much reduced installation time, helping you to win more projects.

Problem Solving with Studor

If you have a smelly or noisy drainage system, then the solution is often simple. Fit Studor AAVs studor and other products from our range. Studor products can solve problems in both domestic and more complex applications. In particular, within multi-storey and high rise buildings, which should probably have been installed with AAVs in the first place; subsequent fitment can often resolve inherent problems.

Any professional plumber knows how important quality work and materials are to his reputation. As market leader, Studor products exceed international performance standards and provide consistent reliability, supported by our product lifetime warranty allowing you to have complete confidence in installing the Studor products.

If you are a plumber, make sure you specify and fit Studor. They will not only save you money at the outset, they will also prevent future problems. Please use our Contact Us page to locate our distributor in your country for further information and details of where to buy Studor products.