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Hospital Vallecas D1 Tower Trump Tower Beijing Cowboy Stadium
Hospital Vallecas, Spain
By protecting the water trap seals, the Studor System contributes to reducing the spread of diseases through cross contamination – the perfect choice for a hospital.
D1 Tower, Dubai, UAE
This 80 floor luxury building has simplified and reduced the costs of its drainage venting system by installing the Studor System.
Trump Tower, Panama
The Studor System eliminated the need for 44,000 metres of vent piping and the associated installation expenses in this project.
Beijing National Stadium, China
Studor P.A.P.A.s and Maxi-Vents contributed to the efficient drainage system of the world’s largest steel structure, which was the main stadium of the 2008 Olympics.
Cowboy Stadium, Texas, USA
Studor P.A.P.A.s and AAVs have been installed in this stadium which incorporates the latest in technological developments.

Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park UK Case Study


Having already solved major sewer gas problems by installing several Maxi-Filtra vents in the past, Drusillas Park, a popular tourist attraction in East Sussex, contacted Studor to obtain further Studor vents, to prevent similar problems occurring in an area of new development within the park.


Drusillas, located near the picturesque village of Alfriston in the South Downs, is widely regarded as the best small zoo in the UK. It is annually inspected by VAQAS (Visitor Attraction Quality Assured Scheme) and has been awarded the accreditation for over 10 years, in addition to receiving many other top awards, ratings and recognitions on a regular basis. Therefore, maintaining its award-winning reputation for customer service,  and creating an animal and child friendly family environment is a high priority for Drusilla’s management team.


A new expansion project was in development to introduce camels, for the first time, into Drusillas’ llama paddock. This included constructing a shelter at the rear of the paddock. However, underneath the paddock was a 45,500 litre sewage balancing chamber which vented into the area where Drusillas wished to build the camel shelter.

Studor Solution

This was not the first time that Drusillas has encountered a problem with sewer drain venting, as Managing Director, Christine Smith, explains:
“During the construction of our ‘Hello Kitty Secret Garden’, which opened in May 2014, it became apparent that sewer gases were blowing across the site from open vent stacks at the rear of one of our toilet blocks. Installing a Maxi-Filtra vent from Studor instantly solved what we thought was going to be a major problem.

Another project was to create an outside dining area for our ‘Explorers Café’. The building adjacent to the patio also had an open vent stack and sewer gases would occasionally blow across the area where people were eating. Again installing Studor’s Maxi-Filtra solved the problem.

“We therefore had no hesitation in specifying another three Maxi-Filtra vents for our new camel shelter.”
The Studor Maxi-Filtra is a sturdy and practical vent designed specifically for outdoor applications to eliminate bad odours. The active carbon filter operates as a two-way vent, filtering air in both directions and is packaged    in a very resilient exterior for longevity, with a replaceable filter.
No specialist installation is required for the Maxi-Filtra; it is commonly installed with just a push-fit connector and the cap simply lifts off to enable easy access for filter cartridge replacement.

The robust design means the Maxi-Filtra can be used vertically or horizontally and can be installed in hard-to-reach places. In the case of Drusillas, it has been used to eliminate the bad odours from existing external drainage vent stacks. The Maxi-Filtra can also be used on a number of external applications, including the ventilation pipe of septic tanks, water tanks and silos.

In conjunction with the Maxi-Filtra, the optional aluminium cover is recommended when it is installed in the open air. This gives added insulation against extreme temperatures (-20°C to +60°C), and protection from animals and birds, inclement weather and the sun's ultra-violet rays.


Having being installed in three separate applications across Drusillas Park, the Studor Maxi-Filtra has proved completely successful in eliminating sewer gas emission and the consequent unpleasant odours – thereby ensuring that the enjoyment of the thousands of visitors to the animal park is not spoilt by a preventable problem.

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