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Hospital Vallecas D1 Tower Trump Tower Beijing Cowboy Stadium
Hospital Vallecas, Spain
By protecting the water trap seals, the Studor System contributes to reducing the spread of diseases through cross contamination – the perfect choice for a hospital.
D1 Tower, Dubai, UAE
This 80 floor luxury building has simplified and reduced the costs of its drainage venting system by installing the Studor System.
Trump Tower, Panama
The Studor System eliminated the need for 44,000 metres of vent piping and the associated installation expenses in this project.
Beijing National Stadium, China
Studor P.A.P.A.s and Maxi-Vents contributed to the efficient drainage system of the world’s largest steel structure, which was the main stadium of the 2008 Olympics.
Cowboy Stadium, Texas, USA
Studor P.A.P.A.s and AAVs have been installed in this stadium which incorporates the latest in technological developments.

Nation Towers

Nation Towers

Nation Towers UAE Case Study


The Studor System was specified for installation at Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi, because it allowed for flexibility and simplicity in design whilst also significantly reducing the amount of materials (pipework) used in the drainage system, for a more sustainable solution.


Nation Towers on the Abu Dhabi Corniche is a spectacular, world-class development comprising high-rise, residential apartments and penthouses; first class office spaces; Nation Galleria, a chic, boutique-style mall; and the deluxe St. Regis Hotel, incorporating Nation Riviera, a private beach club. A unique feature of the two towers is the Sky Bridge that connects both buildings, making it the world’s highest interconnecting bridge. 

From a tapering podium base, the two towers, constructed from steel and glass, extend skywards. Tower 1 is made up of 64 storeys, and Tower 2 features 51 storeys, each offering its own blend of luxurious facilities.

Nation Towers has been designed and built with sustainability as a defining project feature:

  • The buildings optimise energy performance through state-of-the-art glazing and façade systems, which reduce energy consumption and demands. This is measured and verified by installed building control systems.
  • Nation Towers has zero use of CFC based refrierants. 
  • Where possible, Nation Towers has been built with environmentally friendly, low emitting and regionally available products.
  • The air handling units in Nation Towers deliver a high level of thermal comfort with a control system, which supports the wellbeing of the occupants.
  • Nation Towers has specially designed points for the segregated collection and recycling of household materials.
  • Public and private spaces are connected between indoor spaces and the outdoors throught the introduction of daylight and views.

Planning & Preparation

The Studor System provides superior drainage ventilation performance over other comparable conventional systems which incorporate excess use of pipes. These substantial material savings, through installing the Studor System, reduce the quantity of pipe and the associated CO₂emissions to produce and transport this pipe to site.

Using Studor products increased the sustainability of Nation Tower’s drainage ventilation without the need for roof or surface penetrations, thereby improving the thermal integrity of the building, whilst also making substantial savings in time, materials and labour costs.

The Studor System represents a complete and unique drainage system solution for high rise installations. The P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) is an integral part of the Studor System and is guaranteed only when installed in conjunction with Studor air admittance valves.

The Nation Towers project involved the installation of 1897 Studor Mini-Vents, 119 Studor Maxi-Vents, 1 Studor Chem-Vent and 172 P.A.P.A.s. The Mini-Vents were installed in the branch discharge pipes below the slab. P.A.P.A.s were installed inside the shaft, and the Maxi-Vents below the roof and mechanical floors. Studor provided all the relevant design changes free of cost and carried out periodical inspections of the installations to check that the Studor guidelines were followed, ensuring the integrity and lifetime warranty of the Studor System.

Cost Savings

The Studor System design significantly reduced the quantity of pipe required, compared to a conventional design, by over 36,000 metres. It also enabled the number of stacks to be reduced from 51 to 15 for Tower 1 and from 24 to 12 for Tower 2, making a total saving of 42 stacks. Due to the specialised Studor design, the velocity breakers and relief vents were also eliminated from the vertical stacks.


Since the Nation Towers development was designed with sustainability in mind, the Studor System was an automatic choice for the project. Its additional design flexibility and cost savings resulted in a high level of consultant and client satisfaction. 

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