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Hospital Vallecas D1 Tower Trump Tower Beijing Cowboy Stadium
Hospital Vallecas, Spain
By protecting the water trap seals, the Studor System contributes to reducing the spread of diseases through cross contamination – the perfect choice for a hospital.
D1 Tower, Dubai, UAE
This 80 floor luxury building has simplified and reduced the costs of its drainage venting system by installing the Studor System.
Trump Tower, Panama
The Studor System eliminated the need for 44,000 metres of vent piping and the associated installation expenses in this project.
Beijing National Stadium, China
Studor P.A.P.A.s and Maxi-Vents contributed to the efficient drainage system of the world’s largest steel structure, which was the main stadium of the 2008 Olympics.
Cowboy Stadium, Texas, USA
Studor P.A.P.A.s and AAVs have been installed in this stadium which incorporates the latest in technological developments.

Trump Ocean Club

Trump Ocean Club

Trump Ocean Club Panama Case Study


The use of the Studor System at the Trump Ocean Club enabled the stunning sail design to be utilised to best effect whilst maximising the interior space within the tower. Moreover though, the use of the Studor System saved an incredible 40,000 metres of drainage pipework, including the equivalent in fittings, also significantly reducing the time and labour costs of installing the drainage system.


The Trump Ocean Club is the tallest and largest building in Latin America, overlooking the Pacific from Panama City. It provides the residents of the apartments and condominiums, as well as the five star hotel, with fantastic views, especially from the upper floors of this 70-storey building.

Residents of the tower and the hotel can enjoy five swimming pools, including two oversized infinity pools overlooking the ocean and the city, a residents’ clubroom and a state-of-the-art fitness centre. There is also an oceanfront deck and pier, Trump Ocean being one of few Panamanian City developments to have a private courtesy dockage.

The finished tower houses 650 residential units and bay lofts, 369 five-star hotel rooms and suites, together with office lofts and a state-of-the-art business centre. Arranged over 70 floors, the building is a total of 284 metres in height. Located on a peninsula in Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama, the building was completed in 2011 after four years of construction.

Planning & Preparation

Because of the complex architectural design, evoking the shape of a spinnaker sail, it was important to maximise space within the building. The use of the Studor System considerably reduced the number and size of the drainage ventilation shafts required, thus maximising the floor area as well as providing very efficient drainage systems.

With regard to efficiencies, the use of the Studor System also allowed less materials to be utilised in the construction, particularly pipework, with resulting savings also in labour and transport, as well as the savings associated with lifting the materials into place.

A total of 180 Studor P.A.P.A.s (Positive Air Pressure Attenuators) were utilised in the construction, together with over 2000 Studor Air Admittance Valves and a small quantity of Studor Maxi-Filtras.

Cost Comparison

An evaluation of using the Studor System against traditional drainage systems was undertaken during the design of the project. This identified the saving of 40,000 metres of pipework, including a 40% allowance for fittings, through the use of the Studor System. That is an equivalent of 18.7 meters per Studor AAV utilised! In addition, the SSPS also significantly reduced the time and labour costs of installing the drainage system.


The use of the Studor System maximised the interior space within the tower, enabling the stunning sail design to be utilised to best effect. As the Studor System promotes a reduction in usage of raw materials, this solution also helped in significantly reducing the time, material and labour costs of ventilating the drainage system of such a massive project. 

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