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Studor and More About Drainage Ventilation Technology

Studor Air Admittance Valves and other Studor specialist drainage ventilation products are available worldwide via a network of subsidiaries and distributors who are on hand to give advice and practical explanations about the whole Studor product range. Whether for technical support or sales assistance, we guarantee the highest levels of customer service to ensure we provide the right product for your drainage needs. Contact us now and we will give you our closest attention.

To help you understand our range of products, services and drainage systems, please refer to our useful specification pages with relevant testimonials for each Studor product or the Studor System. From here you will see why millions of public health engineers, plumbers and homeowners use the Studor range of products. Please also refer to our news and events section to find out about our latest projects, exhibitions, lectures and much more.

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Partnering with excellence...
One of the things that our experience as world market leader in drainage ventilation has taught us is that it very difficult to make a top quality Air Admittance Valve. Membranes have to be extremely correct; they must be exactly seated, as the slightest warp will make the valve leak - with such marginal tolerances in the ...Continue reading
6 November 2017 - Northampton, UK
The National Lift Tower was today visited by the first group from Croatia, who had the opportunity to fully witness the effectiveness of the Studor P.A.P.A. System.... Continue reading
International Women in Engineering Day: Christa Wang
    Christa Wang, Sales Manager for Studor's Taiwanese distributor Metropole, has now been working with Studor for over 14 years. She leads an all-male engineering team, promoting the Studor System in Taiwan as a key part of her role. So far her team has secured more than 1,200 projects of complete Studor AAV drainage systems in Taiwan; ...Continue reading