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The Studor System

The Simple Solution for Any Drainage System

Of course, using a single pipe in conjunction with AAVs is always going to be more efficient than using two, or even three without giving any proper consideration of the functionality of the drainage ventilation!

Utilising just a single pipe, the Studor System represents a complete and unique drainage and ventilation system solution for medium and high rise buildings. Compared to traditional systems that use 2 or even 3 pipes, in addition to providing a better functioning drainage system, the Studor System requires less space, reduced materials and less labour; resulting in medium and high rise buildings. Compared to traditional systems that use 2 or even 3 pipes, the Studor System requires less space, reduced materials and less labour; resulting in significant cost savings and helping to meet sustainability goals.

The Studor System Multi-storey Installations

Greater Protection

The Studor System provides greater protection, versus traditional methods, at the Point of Need against the unsteady state of drainage systems as it uniquely addresses both negative and positive pressures. Studor AAVs protect against negative pressures while the Studor P.A.P.A. handles positive pressures within the system. This innovative solution maintains a balanced state, keeping the pressure differential of the whole drainage system with the external environment below +/- 100Pa and will last the lifetime of the building.

Where there is a specific need to preserve the aesthetic design of a building, the specialist engineering capability of the Studor System allows the possibility for a totally sealed system with no external roof penetrations. Minimising roof penetrations reduces thermal heat loss and the requirement for working at height, while avoiding the risk of vent pipes being sited near air conditioning units.

Two totally sealed systems incorporating the Studor System Two totally sealed systems incorporating the Studor System

As AAVs are an integral part of the Studor System, they potentially provide an early warning of partial or full blockages downstream, with the associated risks of overflow. By limiting pressure fluctuations within the sanitary pipework, the AAVs allow air to enter the system but not the escape of foul and potentially contaminated air.

We firmly believe that the Studor System is the only solution for super high rise drainage ventilation as it ACTIVELY balances the pressures in the system by dealing directly with the negative and positive pressure transients. By contrast, traditional vent pipe systems react PASSIVELY (i.e. trying to mitigate the consequences). They also require air to be introduced into the drainage system from the top of stack, whereas the Studor System efficiently provides air at the Point of Need from any floor through the Air Admittance Valves fitted to the branches.

The scientifically proven and tested Studor System is completely flexible and can be adapted to any building, being specified at the outset of new builds, easily redesigned in place of alternative system, or even retrofitted.

The Studor System has been proven to work through extensive research using AIRNET modelling at Heriot-Watt University. Also, the system has been proven on projects worldwide including: Ferrari Theme Park - Abu Dhabi; O2 Arena - London; The Hub Hotel - Milan; Sapphire Tower - Istanbul; Torre Oceanis – Valencia; Nation Towers – Abu Dhabi; Hamilton Harbour – Australia (full cost comparison available); Trump Ocean Club – Panama City and Silicon Oasis – UAE. Please visit our reference projects for these and further examples.

The Studor System is installed in the super high rise Nation Towers

There have been zero problems since its introduction in 2003: so providing over 10 years of problem-free installations. The Studor System benefits include:

  • Providing greater freedom for the building concept
  • Simplifying drainage venting design
  • Eliminating drainage pressure problems
  • Protecting the water trap seals
  • Reducing the risk of sewer gas escaping
  • Eliminating unnecessary venting pipes and roof penetrations
  • Reducing thermal heat loss
  • Reducing the requirement for working at height
  • Reducing labour and materials
  • Reducing the shaft size, providing increased habitable areas
  • Reducing the number of pipes to be used, stored and transported
  • Minimising carbon footprint
  • Suitable for plumbing systems of any type of material
  • Available worldwide with full technical support
The Studor System is installed in the prestigious Trump Ocean Club

Studor AAVs and the Studor P.A.P.A. are integral parts of the Studor System. The Studor P.A.P.A. must be installed strictly only in conjunction with other Studor products. By utilising the different elements of the Studor range together you are guaranteeing the most efficient set-up for any given multi-storey drainage system, eliminating any water trap loss due to pressure fluctuations. To ascertain which Studor products would be relevant for your building’s Studor System, please refer to our guide to AAVs, or for assistance with incorporating within your drawings, utilise our StudorCAD software.

  • Maxi-Vent
    Trap & AAV
    Positive Air Pressure Attenuator

For further details, please refer to the links on this page or contact the distributor in your country who will assist you with questions or advise you of how to place an order.