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27-28 June 2017 - Nicosia, Cyprus
A first time high rise building project in Limassol led to a 2 day seminar in Nicosia with the presence of all key MEPs and major contractors – thanks to the strong support of Studor’s new local distributor for Cyprus, HeatAircon.
19 June, 2017
International Women in Engineering Day – a day of recognition of the contribution that women have to offer engineering. Read the blog published by Studor each day this week!
At the start line - from left to right: Stephen Taylor, Tom Gale, Michael Chang, Margaret Burns, Daniel Rath, Steve White
6 members of “Team Studor” completed the 54 mile legendary London to Brighton Bide Ride 2017 in a quest to improve personal fitness/health, combined with raising money for a worthy cause – the British Heart Foundation.
12 June 2016 - Hove, UK
Please support Team Studor as they get on their bikes and cycle the 54 miles of the legendary London to Brighton Bike Ride 2017 next Sunday (18 June 2017)!
27 April 2017 - Connecticut, USA
Dymotek, one of Studor’s manufacturers, has not only been named as “Plastics News 2016 Processor of the Year”, but has also recently been ranked “No. 6 for Best Places to Work 2017” by Plastics News. Congratulations to Dymotek!
18 April 2017 - Dubai, UAE
Steve White (Studor’s Technical Director) was delighted to give a CPD presentation on Active Drainage Ventilation for Tall Buildings at the inaugural SoPHE UAE Technical Evening. The evening, which also highlighted the benefits of joining CIBSE, membership options and what SoPHE can offer together with outlining future events within the region, was well-attended by a large number of people who were not yet members of CIBSE/SoPHE.
22 March 2017 - World Water Day!
Coming hot on the heels of World Plumbing Day, today marks the internationally observed World Water Day – providing the opportunity to learn more about water-related issues, be inspired to tell others and to take action to make a difference.
14-22 March 2017 - Germany & UK
Studor’s Indian partner and some key customers combined a visit to ISH Frankfurt (Germany) and a meeting with Professor Lynne Jack at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (Scotland) with a day at Studor’s “Seeing is Believing” test tower at Northampton (UK). They learnt a lot not only about Studor, but how to design safe high rise drainage systems.