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23 June 2015 - UK National Women in Engineering Day
To mark the UK’s National Women in Engineering Day (23 June) and to contribute to the programme of events being carried out by organisations across the UK, each day w/c 22 June we will be publishing on our blog a short feature on different female engineers from the UK. We hope that you will find this interesting, inspiring and a little different!
22 June 2015 - BBA Certificate Issued for the P.A.P.A.
We are delighted to announce that the P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) has been awarded a British Board of Agrément (BBA) Certificate (number 15/5224)
11-12 June 2015 - Brighton, UK
The Eco Technology Show 2015, held at the American Express Stadium in Brighton, UK, was an ideal local opportunity for the Dyteqta team to present a quality representation of their offerings – FLOW-TEQ, SONAR-TEQ and PRESSURE-TEQ.
5 June 2015 - Darwin, Australia
Studor Australia, in partnership with Brassware Agencies NT (Studor’s agent for the Northern Territory), hosted a golf day in Darwin, one of the fastest growing markets for Studor in Australia.
The apprentices with:<BR>
Blue shirt: Nik Kastellorizios (CDU Lecturer)<BR>
Grey polo shirts (from left to right): Steve White (Studor), Greg Hill (Brassware Agencies), Michael Mekhitarian (Studor), James Culpitt (Studor)<BR>
Long sleeved shirt: Luis Espinoza (CDU Team Leader Construction)
The importance of education is central to Studor’s activities, and this was the focus of a new initiative launched on a visit to the Charles Darwin University.
Henco’s "Studor‘s Great Wall" product display was unveiled at the 10th Guangdong Real Estate Expo held at the Poly World Trade Centre, attracting a great deal of interest developers, architects, plumbers, management companies and homeowners.
Tony Hill at the base of the stack
Studor unveiled the reproduction of a drainage system in what is believed to be the tallest tower in the world used for testing of the drainage system. More than 70 guests independently witnessed that the Studor System protected the trap seals better than a conventionally vented system.
Stephen Taylor (Studor Managing Director) welcoming everyone to Brighton & Hove
The Studor team was honoured to welcome representatives from their European network of distributors to Brighton and Hove for their first marketing workshop “Awareness and Success” – a forum for sharing winning strategies and identifying difficulties, challenges and successes across the countries represented.