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26-29 January 2017, Bolzano - Italy
Studor was well-represented at Klimahouse Bolzano by their Italian distributor Bampi, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Congratulations Bampi, and Happy Anniversary!
25 January 2017 - Bristol, UK
Tony Hill, Studor’s Technical Sales Engineer, was delighted to be invited to present “the Studor P.A.P.A. solution for multi-storey buildings” at a SoPHE Technical Evening hosted by Arup’s Bristol office. The CPD seminar covered a general overview of the P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator), including when and where to use it, as well as a general overview of the new projects in construction and design within the UK.
8 January 2017 - Hove, UK
Studor was delighted to make a small donation to the charity Circus Starr which allowed 3 local children to attend a performance at the Windmill Theatre in Hove.
12 December 2016, Season's Greetings!
We would like to wish all our worldwide contacts a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This year we have chosen to support the work of the Drop Dead Foundation instead of printing Christmas cards.
SIA Guest
To close the 2016 show activity, Bampi (Studor’s Italian distributor) participated at the SIA Guest International Hospitality Exhibition in Rimini and at the Klimahouse Sicily in Giarre.
7 December 2016 - Hove, UK
The Founders of Studor (STUre and DORis Ericson) presented Daniel Rath with an award in recognition of his 10 years of employment with Studor. Congratulations to Daniel on this milestone!
23 November 2016 - Northampton, UK
As we come towards the end of another year at our "Seeing is Believing" test tower, Tony Hill (Studor's Technical Sales Engineer) provides an update on what's been happening at the world's tallest drainage test facility.
28 October-1 November 2016, Phoenix - USA
Studor continued its tradition of support to the industry by supporting SoPHE representatives Professor Lynne Jack and Mr Peter White to attend this year’s ASPE Convention & Expo – the only industry event designed to showcase innovations in plumbing system design, where plumbing engineers, designers, specifiers and contractors can learn about the latest plumbing products, services, and design.