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17-20 August 2015 - Beijing, PR China
Studor’s Technical Director, Steven White, presented a paper at the conference titled “High-rise Testing of Active Drainage System Compared With Conventional Venting on Two Test Towers” at the 41st international symposium of the CIB working group W062 Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings which was hosted by the The China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements in Beijing.
August 2015 - LABC Certificate Issued for the P.A.P.A.
The Studor System has been awarded an LABC Certificate, providing independent validation that it meets the functional requirements of English and Welsh Building Regulations.
30 July 2015 - International Day of Friendship
Happy International Day of Friendship to all of our worldwide distributors, partners and friends.
July 2015 - Latest Cost Comparison Published!
The latest independent Cost Comparison demonstrates savings of up to 40% when specifying the Studor System versus other high rise sewer stack systems across four different building heights!
What happens when 10 WCs are flushed with the Studor System isolated - the toilet explodes, which is prevented when the Studor System is operational!
Studor’s “Seeing is Believing” test rig at The National Lift Tower in Northampton continues to be a huge success in showing the inner workings of multi-storage drainage to national and international industry professionals.
June 2015 - NSW, Australia
The beautiful North Coast of Australia was the location for the resumption of the Master Plumbers Association of NSW regional tradeshows for 2015, with June shows in Port Macquarie and Bathurst.
The Studor team!
The Studor UK team put their best foot forward (or should it be “wheel”?) for an afternoon team building exercise on a fleet of Segways in the Surrey countryside.
23 June 2015 - UK National Women in Engineering Day
To mark the UK’s National Women in Engineering Day (23 June) and to contribute to the programme of events being carried out by organisations across the UK, each day w/c 22 June we will be publishing on our blog a short feature on different female engineers from the UK. We hope that you will find this interesting, inspiring and a little different!