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Studor® Trap-Vent™

Top of the range combined AAV and trap for plumbing ventilation

The compact, highly styled Studor Trap-Vent is a combined trap with a 50mm water seal and an integral AAV, reducing the need for secondary ventilating in small fixture groups and replacing conventional S and P traps. The Trap-Vent protects your trap seal, stopping bad odours coming from empty siphons and eliminating gurgling.

Height adjustable for fully flexible installation and integrating clever self-cleaning, the Trap-Vent is suitable for bathrooms and shower rooms, providing the ideal solution for problem solving in new builds, as well as refurbishments. In general, the Trap-Vent is available in three versions:


Trap-Vent COMPACTThe original and ‘fit for purpose’ Trap-Vent, combined AAV and trap, provided in white ABS. Perhaps more suitable for under the sink applications where the trap will not be on show, although also complementing white bathroom suites perfectly.


Trap-Vent DESIGNAn enhanced version of the Trap-Vent Compact with an outer cladding in a polished chrome-plate finish, giving any plumbing installation a luxurious appearance.


Trap-Vent DESIGNA basic version of the Trap-Vent Design with the outer cladding in plain white ABS, providing a cost-effective option positioned between the basic design of the Trap-Vent Compact and the more luxurious polished chrome plate finish of the Trap-Vent Design.

Benefits and features of the Studor Trap-Vent:

  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty; equivalent to that of the drainage system in which it is installed.
  • Is highly styled, enabling installation in designer environments where aesthetics are of high importance.
  • Provides greater freedom of design for engineers, architects and design professionals providing the ability for multiple drainage fixtures to link together. The Trap-Vent can be installed as part of the Studor System; this means the Trap-Vents, together with the other Studor products, will supply sufficient airflow to an entire building in the form of branch ventilation without the need for conventional vent pipes.
  • Operating temperatures range from: 0°C to +60°C.
  • Prevents transmission of odorous sewer gas into the building or surrounding areas and protecting the trap seal.
  • Is easily installed with no specialist skills required, saving overall installation costs.
  • Eliminates siphonage noise in the drainage system, and has a high grade of self-cleaning capacity. The Trap-Vent boasts a 20dB noise reduction compared to conventional trap systems.
  • Replaces extensive vent piping, saving costs in material and installation.

Problem Solving with the Trap-Vent

Problem Solving with the Trap-Vent

Designed to international standards, the Trap-Vent is ideal for small group venting (for example, both new and renovation hotel projects) and problem solving in existing buildings. The design also reduces the need for fire stopping devices preventing the “chimney effect” in pipes, reducing the risk of fire spreading upwards between floors.

The Installation

The Studor Trap-Vent may be installed up to 1000mm below the flood level of the appliance. It must be installed in a vertical position in an accessible location which permits free movement of air into the valve.

The exact configuration is dependent on regional variations, but in general the Trap-Vent is provided with either 32mm / 1¼" or 40mm / 1½" appliance connections and outlet options.

Trap-Vent Installation

For information about which Trap-Vent version(s) and which inlet/outlet options are available in your region, please contact your local distributor.